Updated Jan 19, 2022
What does the Honk button do?

Well, it honks. Use the Honk button to get someone's attention when they're not in the chat. Every Honk sends a push notification with a great little sound — think of it like a poke, or waving to someone. Except honking.

Can my friend see what I write as I’m typing?

Yep — no secrets here. Your friend sees what you’re typing in real-time: backtracks, typos and all. Who has time for second-guessing these days?

Does my message really disappear when I clear it?

It really does! When you clear your message bubble on Honk, you’re deleting the only copy of the message forever. It isn't saved anywhere, so you can rest easy knowing it's totally gone. Like, gone gone.

What happens if I type to someone who isn’t online?

Try Honking to let your friend know you’ve got something to say. If you start typing before they join the chat, they’ll get a notification.

If they’re still away, you can leave a message for them to see later. You can always clear it if you change your mind.

If I clear my message while my friend is offline, will they still see it?

Nope, it’s gone. Everything in Honk is real-time, so if you clear your chat when they’re not around, they'll never see it. What’s that saying about a tree falling in the woods?

How do I know if someone’s online?

When looking at your chats, you’ll see the "Active" badge next to your friend's name when they have the app open. Not online? There’s a Honk button for that.

How do I add a new friend?

When you’re on the home screen, just tap the Add Friends icon in the top right of your screen then search for their name or username.

How can I Emoji battle?

Sometimes Emojis speak louder than words. In the chat, tap the Reaction icon to send a burst of any Emoji to your friend. If you each send them at the same time, they’ll clash and create a party on your screen. Express yourself! ❤️👍🎉😎

Can I send images?

Sure can! In the chat, tap the Photo icon to take a pic or the Image icon to choose from your Camera Roll and share away.

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