To our community,

We’ve made the difficult decision to stop all active development of Honk. This means that while the iOS app will remain functional for the time being, no further updates will be made to it in the future.

We know thousands of people still love to use Honk as their main way of communicating daily, and will keep the lights on for now to support this dedicated community. In the future, the app may be shut down permanently, in which case we’ll be sure to issue a prior warning within the app.

Since launching, Honk has held a special place in many people’s hearts and provided new, exciting ways to communicate and make friends. Over the last year, we facilitated over 2.6 billion characters typed, 170 million Honks made, and hundreds of millions of combined images, audio and videos sent. We worked hard to build a beautiful, unique experience and bring an element of delight into people’s lives all around the world.

We’ve had a blast creating Honk and want to thank all of you for giving us a chance and being such a kind, engaged community along the way. Thank you for all the honks.

Our team will continue building great products and will see you again, albeit in another form.

Until next time,

The Honk Team

Special Thanks

Honk wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible team, investors and friends. Thank you for all your help and continued support.

What will happen to my Honk account?

For now, nothing. Your account will remain active and useable for the time being.

Why are you stopping development of Honk?

We have decided to pursue other projects as a team. As a result, we unfortunately no longer have the time or capacity to continue working on Honk. Sorry about that! 💔

How long are you planning to keep Honk available?

We will keep Honk available for as long as we can. If we decide it is no longer feasible to keep running, we will do our best to find a suitable custodian to maintain the app. If however this isn't possible, we will have no choice but to shut down the app permanently. In the unfortunate event this happens, we will issue multiple warnings within the app first to let you know.

If Honk shuts down permanently, what will happen to my data?

If we decide to shut down the app permanently, we will also erase all user data. We will provide a heads up within the app before this happens, to allow you time to save any valuable moments.

Will I still be able to contact support with questions?

As we wind down development on Honk, we'll also be winding down our support team and will unfortunately be unable to respond to individual requests.

If bugs occur in the future, will you fix them?

We've done our very best to leave Honk in a robust, autonomous state. If critical bugs happen to appear that affect a large number of users, we will do what we can to fix them.

What happened to the Discover tab?

We have removed the Discover tab and its associated features from the app. This tab required human moderation and curation to maintain and keep safe for our users, and was therefore not feasible to keep.