To our community,

As of May 8th, 2023, Honk is no longer available to use and no further updates will be made to it in the future.

Since launching, Honk has held a special place in many people’s hearts and provided new, exciting ways to communicate and make friends. We facilitated over 2.6 billion characters typed, 170 million Honks made, and hundreds of millions of combined images, audio and videos sent. We worked hard to build a beautiful, unique experience and bring an element of delight into people’s lives all around the world.

We’ve had a blast creating Honk and want to thank all of you for giving us a chance and being such a kind, engaged community along the way. Thank you for all the honks.

Our team will continue building great products and will see you again, albeit in another form.

Until next time,

The Honk Team

Special Thanks

Honk wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible team, investors and friends. Thank you for all your help and continued support.

What will happen to my Honk account?

As of May 8th, all Honk accounts are inaccessible.

Now that Honk has shut down, what will happen to my data?

We will be erasing all user data.

Why are you stopping development of Honk?

We have decided to pursue other projects as a team. As a result, we unfortunately no longer have the time or capacity to continue working on Honk. Sorry about that! 💔

Will I still be able to contact support with questions?

Now that Honk has shut down, we will unfortunately be unable to respond to individual requests.